Violence Intervention and Prevention

What is DLIVE

Detroit Life Is Valuable Everyday

DLIVE is a Hospital-based, Community-focused Violence Intervention Initiative 

DLIVE is currently based out of Detroit Medical Center – Sinai Grace Hospital with the Wayne State University Department of Emergency Medicine.

The medical literature shows that once someone is injured as a result of interpersonal violence, they are at increased risk for repeat injury and death. Detroit Life Is Valuable Everyday (DLIVE) was borne out of the recognition that violence is a pervasive cyclical disease process that  continues to be a major public health crisis in the city.  

DLIVE is therefore a hospital-based violence intervention initiative that exists to holistically work with youth/young adults who have sustained acute intentional violent trauma to achieve very specific goals.

  • Eradicate the future morbidity and mortality predicted by the initial injury
  • Prevent retaliatory violence
  • Prevent the future incarceration often associated with individuals who have been victims of traumatic violence
  • Actively facilitate a pathway towards success and prosperity 
  • Active community engagement 
  • Reduce the Community Toxic Stress associated with community violence

Let us be encouraged to shift the paradigm on how violently injured patients are treated!